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‘Two Red Umbrellas’ original has been SOLD!


Today, as the CFS (color and form society) Annual Juried Exhibitiioin has been completed, my knife painting titled ‘Two Red Umbrellas’ has been sold. Thank you very much to the buyer.
Come see my visual art on FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/ruslanalev.art
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New Twitter Account, follow up!

New Twitter Account, follow up!

Just a few days ago I’ve created a twitter account for better and easier visual art expansion. You are so welcomed to come and support my art through twitter now as well, easily accessible and easily retweetable! 🙂

‘Gestures’ Sped up pencil on paper drawing

This is a sped up video of pencil on paper drawing of ‘Gestures’ by Ruslana Lev. The drawing has just been finished yesterday and video uploaded a few hours ago. It will be much much appreciated if you not only enjoy watching it but also tell your friends, share, like, comment, basically get that video public, it will be the best way to show support. Thank you in advance.

Passing By

Passing By

This drawing using red chalk pencil on paper is of a woman whose origins and story is up to the viewer. She may be in hard labour, or may be looking at something happening in front of her that saddens her. The hardness of life behind her eyes is evident, but where is she now is up to what the viewer wants to interpret it as. The light coming from the sun was an important feature in this drawing, besides the various folds of the clothes, the light shines so that she is lit maximally without changing her features. The photograph shows some very light sepia tones around her face to the right, but on the original it blends with the background well.
You are welcomed on my facebook page where even more works including works in progress, which I find fascinating to look back to, can be viewed, it is also linked with the fineartamerica site where different sized canvases can be bought.
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruslanalev.art
fineartamerica: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ruslana-lev.html
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recent blog: https://ruslanalev.wordpress.com/
recent another account with different features such as notebooks, pins, bags, iPad cases, make-up bags that look wonderful with art on them: http://www.zazzle.ca/ruslanalev_art

“Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid – The Sorrow” in “Expressions, A Collection of Art”

“Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid - The Sorrow

ink on paper work “Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid – The Sorrow” has been chosen to appear on the pages of upcoming art book entitled “Expressions, A Collection of Art” from Art Impressions Publishing, Inc. They have included over 100 images that are believed to be most thought provoking works they have seen. Here is a screenshot of what the page supposed to look like. This work got page number 51 it seems.

How Music Can Inspire

I’ve accidentally heard this one very soft yet such deep song today and I kept playing it until an image came to my head which I feel strongly inspired to create, it has some kind of purity to this idea I will portray in a sequence or maybe just a dual image. Nevertheless, I am no longer going to sleep as needed but rather give into the strong feeling of needing to draw this image, to let it come to life. How music can inspire us. It is personal to each and one of us in a different way, different type of music, but when you find the right kind it gives you inner strength or maybe it cuts a wound open and you need to express your strong opinion.

A little bit of myself

Ruslana Lev_Daydreamer I am still trying to figure my way around this site, but so far what I can say is, “Hello everyone, I am an artist and I admit to be addicted to creating what people call ‘works of art’.” That is my strong and weak point. Strong, because I’ve spend years getting to the level I am at now and still feel like there is so much more to learn there is hardly enough time. Weak, because when I should be studying for my midterm that is coming up tomorrow I am happily painting a what is yet to be a black lacquered traditional Ukrainian jewellery box in Petrykivka style. I hope this blog will increase the familiarity of my art works towards everyone who will open their heart to appreciate it, not to me, no, but the work I do, because that is what defines me and I define it.

p.s. the image you see is a charcoal on paper drawing called “Daydreamer”


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