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“At the Beach” painting won in FAME

“At the Beach” painting won in FAME

‘At the Beach’ painting won an Honorary place in Future Art Masters Exhibition, American Artist Professional League. The “University of Toronto” name is accompanying my name at the online exhibition. The work is currently up for sale. Follow the link to see it as well as other winners. I think mine is the only work from Canada appearing in that category.


“At the Beach” – Ruslana Levandovs’ka

Newly finished oil on canvas painting. A girl at the beach wit wind blowing as her dog sits by her side. The waves rushing onto the shore foam up by her feet. See it on facebook here on my page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=616271475126883&set=a.438788422875190.1073741827.438781186209247&type=1&theater