Youtube Video. Tutorials or Speed painting?

Hello all,

As I wanted to start my new painting today with some simple landscape, since I haven’t done something like this in a while, I thought, “why not make a video of it?” My youtube channel devoted to my art works only has one video so far and it is just a collection of some works. While I will probably firstly do speed painting video, I may also consider some simple tutorials on various materials, what do you think?

I have three ideas already I want to try out today with the video, and I am very excited what will turn out, but also kind of cautious for the same reason. I have a few minutes to spare as I take a break from my art day today after hours of painting and many more to come. I have a drawing in mind, and a still life just to try in a different style than I did before. Let’s see how it turns out!

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Thanks for your attention, readers!


Some news on exposure

Hello everyone,

I have been featured as an artist with an online interview that was conducted information on here:

please find time to look at it and possibly share!

A little bit of myself

Ruslana Lev_Daydreamer I am still trying to figure my way around this site, but so far what I can say is, “Hello everyone, I am an artist and I admit to be addicted to creating what people call ‘works of art’.” That is my strong and weak point. Strong, because I’ve spend years getting to the level I am at now and still feel like there is so much more to learn there is hardly enough time. Weak, because when I should be studying for my midterm that is coming up tomorrow I am happily painting a what is yet to be a black lacquered traditional Ukrainian jewellery box in Petrykivka style. I hope this blog will increase the familiarity of my art works towards everyone who will open their heart to appreciate it, not to me, no, but the work I do, because that is what defines me and I define it.

p.s. the image you see is a charcoal on paper drawing called “Daydreamer”


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Make sure to check out my facebook art page

Make sure to check out my facebook art page

This Facebook page has multiple additional information that is not available on other sites I post, there I allow myself to post images that are still in progress (which is always fun to see) and just as they are done. Whereas for other sites such as I limit myself to professionally taken photographs of my work.

This blog is an art focused blog based on various works and thoughts