Communal Art Awards, about reaching your goals, and avoiding envy daggers

Due to recent events that I would prefer to stay anonymous, it provoked different varieties of thoughts. This freshly pressed release will focus on communal arts as well as achieving your destination, goal, desire. It seems that when you get accepted into the show, which is, of course, a great pleasure, after that, if it is a juried show, you expect something for your work as your time was spend as much as possible to make it exactly the way you envisioned it. The paradoxical part of it is that in order to gain something from it you need to put something in it. As with painting goes, in order to sell it you first must buy the paints and canvas and then spend your time and knowledge on it. When you enter a show where there were no entry fees nor do they take any commission… do not expect to gain much from it, although you must start somewhere and acquire the knowledge yourself. When you enter shows that are community based, unless you contributed to the community specifically and the jurors and judges know you so…do not expect to gain much from it. It seems so that if you want to be recognized for your work in one place, then devote yourself to getting to know specifically the people that are there and gradually work towards the place where you know you will win…it is a communal thing. However, if you have high hopes and ambitions….well…you’re screwed, it takes so much more time and effort and so many more rejections than just the few people within any community. That is why it is deemed to be so hard to break through into something higher…something better, but one thing is to break into it and another is to stay there. The amount of pressure you must put on yourself and devotion as well as knowledge on what you must focus on and what you must reject comes very difficult and certainly with age and experience.


No matter what anyone says you must continuously repeat to yourself that if you want to achieve any goal you must work toward it no matter what, even someone who you would thing is your closest friend may turn away as you become more and more determined to reach your goal while they stay the same. The most influential enemy you must be afraid of is yourself. If you let what others say to you to put you down bother you, then it is you who is not accepting yourself the way you are not them. As long as the world exists, envy will not leave anyone’s instincts, the difference is between those who can control it and those who just act on their impulses. When the later happens, you will see it in their eyes, the envy of someone who sees you reaching to the stars while they do not want to spend the time to raise their hand towards the sky.They will not want someone who is right next to them and, in their eyes, it would seem as if you are complete equals who spend the day exactly the same, they will not want for you to reach higher than themselves, and as soon as they see you doing that the daggers will fly, you must know how to dodge them.


Laziness is an issue as you acquire more and more material objects that seem to complete your life and you start to relax because you think that the goal you though you would achieve can wait and what you have right now is good enough. That seems to be the most common reason to not do something. Think about the amount of time you spend watching your favourite shows, hanging out in bars or clubs, or just wasting time any other way, of course once in a while you must loosen up or else you may go insane in your own mind. Here, once again, the greatest enemy is yourself as you think that you just must absolutely relax in clubs and bars at least once a week…time waster. Then maybe you don’t actually want to achieve your goal. It is difficult, but it is worth it. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. You cannot stop.


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