Simple Love

Simple Love

‘Simple Love’ is a coloured pencils on paper drawing of one female’s love towards simple things as she lives the life of elegance and extravagance. The story of this painting is what you, the viewer, see. The girl looking at the apple, if not a little past it, deep in her thoughts, serious yet seems overjoyed over such a seemingly simple thing – this apple. But as the viewer, you have to look to see the tamed joy that comes with a bit of sadness as well, it is all filled with memories of when things were simpler, easier, poorer. What the viewer doesn’t see in this drawing is someone looking over at this girl in awe just as when things were simpler, easier, poorer. She is not just smiling subtly but also talking to the person who would be looking over her in and standing where the viewer is standing when looking at the drawing. ********************************************************************************************************************
You are welcomed on my facebook page where even more works including works in progress, which I find fascinating to look back to, can be viewed, it is also linked with the fineartamerica site where different sized canvases can be bought.
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recent another account with different features such as notebooks, pins, bags, iPad cases, make-up bags that look wonderful with art on them:


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