Open Your Mind to Your Inner Self

That is what I try to show in many of my works, for the viewers to be able to open themselves to the world they are seeing in the painting or drawing or sculpture. To open their minds to relate their feelings inside and not be afraid to be open to them – a fairy tale approach when you are an adult, a heartbreak, a possible mirror of your feelings that you do not want to admit to. Somehow, it is looked down upon the people who still see the world in beautiful colors as they grow up. But why?! Better question is, by who? The society, the people who had to close their eyes to the colors around and to the magic that they once had when they were children, no matter the childhood experience, they wanted magic or at least the possibility of it.

ImageThe image I have included in this post is a pencil drawing I recently did which can eb viewed on:

It is called Heart Rate. A detailed description of it can be seen in the description column on the website I’ve given above. It is an example of having the viewer to open their mind and feel what this person depicted is feeling, to indulge themselves in this experience and, therefore, to be able to experience it with them and be one more step to understanding humanity and human nature that we try s hard to repress within us.


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