Youtube Video. Tutorials or Speed painting?

Hello all,

As I wanted to start my new painting today with some simple landscape, since I haven’t done something like this in a while, I thought, “why not make a video of it?” My youtube channel devoted to my art works only has one video so far and it is just a collection of some works. While I will probably firstly do speed painting video, I may also consider some simple tutorials on various materials, what do you think?

I have three ideas already I want to try out today with the video, and I am very excited what will turn out, but also kind of cautious for the same reason. I have a few minutes to spare as I take a break from my art day today after hours of painting and many more to come. I have a drawing in mind, and a still life just to try in a different style than I did before. Let’s see how it turns out!

My youtube channel is here:

Feel free to subscribe for the upcoming videos mentioned above.

Thanks for your attention, readers!


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