Balcony Lights

Balcony Lights

Balcony Lights, 2013.
A knife painting technique was used on this image completed with some details where a brush was used. This is an image of a big haired girl standing on the balcony admiring the city architecture she is seeing, the colours of the sky, the setting evening, the balcony lights.


“Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid – The Sorrow” in “Expressions, A Collection of Art”

“Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid - The Sorrow

ink on paper work “Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid – The Sorrow” has been chosen to appear on the pages of upcoming art book entitled “Expressions, A Collection of Art” from Art Impressions Publishing, Inc. They have included over 100 images that are believed to be most thought provoking works they have seen. Here is a screenshot of what the page supposed to look like. This work got page number 51 it seems.

How Music Can Inspire

I’ve accidentally heard this one very soft yet such deep song today and I kept playing it until an image came to my head which I feel strongly inspired to create, it has some kind of purity to this idea I will portray in a sequence or maybe just a dual image. Nevertheless, I am no longer going to sleep as needed but rather give into the strong feeling of needing to draw this image, to let it come to life. How music can inspire us. It is personal to each and one of us in a different way, different type of music, but when you find the right kind it gives you inner strength or maybe it cuts a wound open and you need to express your strong opinion.

Open Your Mind to Your Inner Self

That is what I try to show in many of my works, for the viewers to be able to open themselves to the world they are seeing in the painting or drawing or sculpture. To open their minds to relate their feelings inside and not be afraid to be open to them – a fairy tale approach when you are an adult, a heartbreak, a possible mirror of your feelings that you do not want to admit to. Somehow, it is looked down upon the people who still see the world in beautiful colors as they grow up. But why?! Better question is, by who? The society, the people who had to close their eyes to the colors around and to the magic that they once had when they were children, no matter the childhood experience, they wanted magic or at least the possibility of it.

ImageThe image I have included in this post is a pencil drawing I recently did which can eb viewed on:

It is called Heart Rate. A detailed description of it can be seen in the description column on the website I’ve given above. It is an example of having the viewer to open their mind and feel what this person depicted is feeling, to indulge themselves in this experience and, therefore, to be able to experience it with them and be one more step to understanding humanity and human nature that we try s hard to repress within us.

How do you create?

I’ve been asked this question recently – how do you create the images to draw or paint? I’ve never asked myself that before. Then I began thinking. I just do. I cannot explain the reason of how and why. Personally, I cannot. I see an image in my head. That image can be evoked by a single word I accidentally overhear from a stranger walking by talking to someone else that would spark some kind of logical reaction in my brain that will eventually lead me for the image to form. It seems like a logical threat to me as I trace back the steps but when I tried explaining this to my friend I stopped half way recognizing this does not completely make sense, but at the same time it does. This image forming, it can even be just on the spot, or I dream of it, has to go through certain stages in my head until I think, “all-right, I must do this image, or else it won’t leave me alone.” And, indeed, it does not leave me alone until I paint it exactly how I see it in my brain. I still remember a painting I wanted to do almost two years back, I remember it very clearly since I haven’t gotten around on doing it because I know this is a very good idea, personally, and I will have to get it exactly right. I release it from my mind so it can live. Roughly, that is how I know what to create.

Youtube Video. Tutorials or Speed painting?

Hello all,

As I wanted to start my new painting today with some simple landscape, since I haven’t done something like this in a while, I thought, “why not make a video of it?” My youtube channel devoted to my art works only has one video so far and it is just a collection of some works. While I will probably firstly do speed painting video, I may also consider some simple tutorials on various materials, what do you think?

I have three ideas already I want to try out today with the video, and I am very excited what will turn out, but also kind of cautious for the same reason. I have a few minutes to spare as I take a break from my art day today after hours of painting and many more to come. I have a drawing in mind, and a still life just to try in a different style than I did before. Let’s see how it turns out!

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Thanks for your attention, readers!